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The slide shows contain examples of the many projects in Mr. Leveque's Art classes. Also featured is a slide show with the wonderful murals in the Art Room. For more images please click on the links below. Last update March 2013.

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Art Room Murals

Studio Art

Art Room Murals

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Throughout the years many students contributed lasted impressions to the Charlotte Wood Middle School Art Room. Not many parents have had the opportunity to admire the work. And the many students who do not have art as an elective are not able to see this amazing classroom. Here they are for all to admire "The Murals in Mr. Leveque's Classroom".

More Art Room impressions.

Advanced Art (Grade 8)

Adv Art Pic1 Adv Art Pic2 Adv Art Pic5 Adv Art Pic6 Adv Art Pic7 Adv Art Pic9 Adv Art Pic10 Adv Art Pic11 Adv Art Pic12 Adv Art Pic14 Adv Art Pic13 Adv Art Pic16 Adv Art Pic17 Adv Art Pic15 Adv Art Pic20 Adv Art Pic19 Adv Art Pic21 Adv Art Pic22 Adv Art Pic23 Adv Art Pic24 Adv Art Pic3 Adv Art Pic4 Adv Art Pic8 Adv Art Pic18

(Prerequisite: Successful Completion of one year of Art)

Students demonstrate a mature understanding of the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design in a rigorous series of lessons. Students increasingly incorporate their own perspectives and style as they explore creative expression. Art history and culture and aesthetic valuing form a significant part of the course. Students demonstrate an advanced level of artistic skill. A variety of 2D and 3D media will be introduced. Assignments are based on the California Visual Art Standards.

More Advanced Art Projects.

Art Exploratory (Grade 6)

Art Exp Pic1 Art Exp Pic2 Art Exp Pic3

Sixth grade Exploratory Wheel is a yearlong course made up of introductions to different elective options open to students when they become 7th and 8th graders. The wheel spokes are designed to expose students to a wide-range of learning opportunities, to develop their practical, hands-on skills, and to teach them to work cooperatively with others. Each Exploratory Wheel rotates in a pre‐set schedule, with the number and type of wheel spokes varying at each site. Wheel spokes may include, but are not limited to: Living Skills, Computers, Music, Art, Drama, Speech, World Languages, Technology, and Video Production. The curriculum is based on California standards wherever applicable.

More Art Exploratory projects.

Art I (Grades 7‐8)

Art I is an exploratory skills based, visual art course that introduces students to a variety of media, skills and tools. Students will also learn about art history and the value of art in various cultures. Students will gain skills in understanding and valuing their own art and the art of others. Class assignments are based on the California Visual Art Standards and introduce students to the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design.

More Art I projects.

Art I: Pic 1 Art I: Pic 2 Art I: Pic 3 Art I: Pic 4 Art I: Pic 5 Art I: Pic 6 Art I: Pic 7 Art I: Pic 8 Art I: Pic 9 Art I: Pic 10 Art I: Pic 11 Art I: Pic 12

Art II (Grades 7-8)

This two-dimensional art class explores the Elements of Art and Principles of Design with a wide variety of media and tools. Artists and cultures will be incorporated as students experiment with their own creativity in different forms and styles. Assignments are based on the California Visual Arts Standards.

More Art II projects.

Art II Pic1 Art II Pic2 Art II Pic3 Art II Pic4 Art II Pic5 Art II Pic6 Art II Pic8 Art II Pic7 Art II Pic9 Art II Pic10 Art II Pic11 Art II Pic13 Art II Pic12 Art II Pic14

Art III (Grades 7‐8)

This three-dimensional art class focuses on the application of the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design expressed in a wide variety of sculptural media. Students work with varied techniques to create original works of art, cultivating an appreciation for good design, craftsmanship and creative problem solving skills. This course is aligned with the California Visual Art Standards.


More Art III projects.

Art III Pic1 Art III Pic2 Art III Pic3 Art III Pic4 Art III Pic5 Art III Pic6 Art III Pic7 Art III Pic8 Art III Pic9 Art III Pic10 Art III Pic11 Art III Pic12 Art III Pic13