Daily Student Bulletin


Thursday, March 23, 2017





Birthdays: Audrey Y., Mason V., Sara H.


Thursday’s Funny Joke:

Question:  Why should you not write with a broken pencil?

Answer: It's pointless!



Don’t forget to bring in your old cleats!  The Danville T-Birds tackle football team is collecting used cleats for other teams in its league (Ages 8-14).


The Coin Drive for our African Village is now until March 31st!  There will be a “Battle of the Grades” with a prize for the winning grade, which will include lunch outside for a week, with one of day of free popsicles, popcorn, music and a special dodgeball advisory period.  There will be 6th, 7th & 8th grade bins in the MPR during lunch.  Pennies count as points so put those in your own grade’s bin.  All other coinage (including checks and bills) will deduct points from other grades, so put bills and checks in other grades bins.  Just remember that all the money goes to our village Irkaat in Kenya!


Attention students! Charlotte Wood will be collecting some much needed things for our sister school, Cambridge Elementary, during the two weeks after spring break. There will be collection bins in the office from April 10th - April 21st. Please donate NEW books appropriate for kids ages 6-11 that are BILINGUAL in Spanish and English. But if you can only find books in English, that's OK. Our goal is to collect at least 655 books so we can give one to every single Cambridge student. We are also looking for donations of snacks to help the 3rd-5th grade students be successful during SBAC testing. They have asked ONLY for CRACKERS and FRUIT SNACKS. Let's show the Cambridge Coyotes how helpful Charlotte Wood Chargers can be! Thank you for your support!


TRACK AND FIELD sign-ups are next week.

After-School Track & Field sign-ups are NEXT WEEK at lunch- March 27-31.

Practices will start after the Spring Break. For more information, contact Mr. Corral or Coach Metzcus.

The events in Track and Field include:

  • Mile
  • 60 yard hurdles
  • 100 yard dash
  • 400
  • 800
  • 400 relay- 4 x 100
  • Javelin
  • Shot Put